After four trade fair days, METAV digital came to an end on March 26. A total of 2,500 visitors attended, and more than 1,530 registered for the web sessions. We are delighted with this good turnout, which was received by the 80 exhibitors in total. They have participated with great enthusiasm and commitment in this new format, which was the best solution for keeping in touch with customers in the current situation. And it will continue. METAV digital is still available remotely until April 16. Take the chance, have a virtual tour of the exhibition and visit those web sessions you have not made it to yet.

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METAV digital – Networking three in one

The premiere of METAV digital will take place from 23 to 26 March 2021. On each day of the show, visitors will be able to meet our exhibitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CET) and get first-hand information about innovations in the industry.

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Close to the real trade fair experience with 3D!

Whether tool and mould making, testing technology and instrumentation, additive manufacturing, automation & handling or machine tools - there is room for everything you know from a traditional METAV.

Exhibitors showcase themselves and their solutions in various formats. In the virtual exhibition, you can find anything that you would have found during your visit to the METAV - just in a digital setting. Animated product footage and 3D product pictures, product or process films, live broadcasts with real-life demonstrations from the manufacturers' machine rooms, supplemented by product information, media libraries, press releases, job advertisements or other helpful downloads: everything you are looking for is available at a glance.

Of course, exhibitors at the stands are also happy to answer your questions. Exchange business cards, make an appointment via the calendar stored in the system or let the exhibitor put you in touch with the person who can best answer your questions - during the exhibition or afterwards, if your contact persons are busy and therefore not available online. The virtual exhibition is our champion of METAV digital.


You are looking for products and solutions. You would like to talk to experts about this. Intelligent matchmaking supports you efficiently during your digital visit to the fair.

This is where Matchscore® kicks in: Exhibitors' contact persons specify in their profile which competences, services, product and subject areas they are responsible for or cover thematically. When registering as a visitor, you also indicate your interests in the area of products (e.g. CAD, precision tools or controllers) and areas of application (e.g. automotive, medical technology or precision engineering). The intelligent system compares the corresponding data and evaluates them with regard to their mutual relevance. This gives you a direct overview of which discussion partners are particularly suitable for an exchange on your questions.


Dig deeper into topics, learn more about the latest trends and innovations - the METAV web sessions offer effective information transfer with concise presentations.

Each topic is presented in a 20-minute session. In the subsequent Q&A round, you can directly contribute your questions. If you want to delve deeper or discuss specific challenges, you can also make an appointment with the speakers of the web session - directly afterwards or at a later time.

In summer 2020, we launched the METAV web sessions to stimulate exchange on current developments in metalworking with a new format. After a five-day event in June 2020, the theme days Software, Automation and Handling and Digitalisation were held from October to December. From January to March 2021, theme days on precision tools and manufacturing processes, medical technology and 3D printing, components and accessories, metrology and quality assurance, and machine tools and systems are planned. To date, almost 6,000 visitors have taken part in around 140 web sessions.

All contributions of the previous METAV Web Sessions are available on-demand.

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umati, the initiative of VDW and VDMA for the dissemination of open data interfaces based on OPC UA in the machine building industries, will be present at METAV digital with a community booth. At its center is a central umati information booth. Here, visitors can obtain general information about umati, OPC UA and the possibilities and added value that open interface standards provide. Around the central information booth, various umati partner companies will present themselves.

At the heart of the presentation is the umati demonstrator, consisting of a Data Hub to which machines are connected live, as well as its own dashboard. Visitors can directly experience data connectivity at https://umati.app. The presentation is extended by a special series of METAV Web Sessions and Expert Talks.

umati Website


Virtual Exhibition

In principle, the virtual trade fair runs on all common browsers. If you have problems with your preferred browser, we recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in the latest version. For best results, close any applications you do not need and clear your browser cache before visiting the virtual exhibition. If you stay at the virtual exhibition for a longer period of time, it may also be useful to clear the cache regularly during your visit.

If the organiser has not yet released the visit, you cannot start it. However, depending on the configuration, you can already access the exhibitors' calendars via the list of exhibitors or the hall plan in order to arrange appointments.

With your mouse: position the target symbol on the position you want to reach on the ground and click on it. You can control the viewing direction by clicking and dragging.
With your keyboard: Use the W/A/S/D keys to control the movement: W moves you one step forward, S moves you one step back, A and D move you left or right respectively. With the mouse you can click and drag to control the viewing direction.

Depending on the complexity of the stand design, the data volume required may be higher. If you are in a hall with particularly sophisticated stands, the image build-up may therefore be delayed. The data is constantly reloaded until everything is completely displayed. This process can be accelerated if you clear the browser cache before starting your virtual visit to the trade fair and if you close applications that are not needed.

If you have watched videos, accessed media or looked at the contact screen, a click on the picture can help. The control with the W, A, S, D keys should then work again without any problems.

Each stand has at least one avatar, in other words a virtual contact person. When you visit a stand and click on an avatar, you will see the contact person of the respective exhibitor. Here you can start a chat, in writing or with video, and exchange your virtual business card. This provides you with various options for direct communication.

Basically, the same exhibitors can register for METAV digital that can also participate in a METAV in the presence format. The following exhibition areas are admitted: Additive manufacturing. Sheet metal, wire, and pipe machining centres, forming machines. CAD/CAM. Industrial electronics; sensor and diagnosis technologies. Components for flexible automation. Cooling lubricants. Machines and systems for tool and mould building, rapid prototyping, model building. Material flow and storage technologies. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic accessories for manufacturing technologies. Medical engineering. Surface technology, thin film processes. Precision tools, diamond tools, instruments. Testing technology and instrumentation. Quality management systems. Robotics and automation. Welding, cutting, hardening, heating. Controllers. Software for the whole range of production technologies. Forming tools. Thermal, electrochemical, and other machine tools. Machine tools, cutting, parting, and abrasive.


You can find the Matchscore in the exhibitor overview of the virtual trade fair. Behind each exhibitor representative you will find a value between 0 and 100 - the higher this value, the better the respective contact person matches you. This way, you may find a fitting contact person with an exhibitor you didn't even know before visiting the event. You can also find the Matchscore when you visit a stand and click on one of its avatars - here, however, only the Matchscores with the representatives of the respective stand are displayed.

The Matchscore matches the interests you mentioned during your registration with the skills of the exhibitors. In addition, the system learns from your visiting behaviour at the virtual trade fair. A value between 0 and 100 is determined from this information - the higher the value, the more similar your profiles are and the more productive an exchange might be.

No, because the Matchscore is only an aid to your guidance! The Matchscore is intended to help you get to know interesting exhibitors and experts whom you might not have met without this information. This does not mean, however, that contacts with a low score cannot help you - perhaps you just forgot to provide a few details or a colleague who perfectly matches your interests can be brought in? Real life and a virtual trade fair are much alike: Keep your eyes and ears open, because exciting contacts can also arise unexpectedly or by chance!


Once you have selected the METAV web sessions you are interested in from the agenda, you can register for the events by clicking on the button "details/join". These will then appear in your personal session planner. Here you can also save the events as a calendar entry.

There is no limit: You can attend as many METAV web sessions as you like! However, in order not to block free places for other participants, we kindly ask you to register only for those sessions you actually want to attend.

If something comes up, you can cancel your participation quickly and easily. Use the X button in your session planner to release your place so that it can be given to another participant.

We offer the METAV web sessions completely free of charge. You will not receive an invoice from us afterwards.

Once you have registered and logged in, you will see all the events you have registered for in your session planner. Click on contact to send the speaker a request. If the speaker has set dates for a video call, you can directly book an appointment and set up a conversation with the experts.

Each exhibitor can only offer a limited number of appointments. To allow all visitors to book an appointment, you can only book one appointment per exhibitor. If you are interested in additional meetings, it is best to arrange one directly with the exhibitor.


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