After four trade fair days, METAV digital came to an end on March 26. A total of 2,500 visitors attended, and more than 1,530 registered for the web sessions. We are delighted with this good turnout, which was received by the 80 exhibitors in total. They have participated with great enthusiasm and commitment in this new format, which was the best solution for keeping in touch with customers in the current situation. And it will continue. METAV digital is still available remotely until April 16. Take the chance, have a virtual tour of the exhibition and visit those web sessions you have not made it to yet.

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METAV digital – Networking three in one

The premiere of METAV digital will take place from 23 to 26 March 2021. On each day of the show, visitors will be able to meet our exhibitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CET) and get first-hand information about innovations in the industry.

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At your stand, you can inspire visitors with your products and solutions. You can establish contacts and engage in direct conversation with potential customers. Design your 3D exhibition stand in different sizes and variations in your individual company layout and put your exhibits in the spotlight.

Do you have a 3D product picture of your exhibits, product, process or image films? Are you planning a livestream, e.g. of a panel discussion with your experts, a tour of your showroom in your company or a realistic demonstration on your machine to answer your customers' questions? Do you have further product information, press releases or job advertisements that you would like to make accessible to a larger audience? There are almost no limits to your creativity.

At your stand, you can use an avatar to make direct contact with visitors. Through this avatar, you answer questions and conduct conversations, either in writing or via video chat. Using the virtual business card exchange, you receive GDPR-compliant contact data of your visitors for follow-up business after the trade fair. In addition, you can connect your calendar with the avatar and give visitors the opportunity to make an appointment even if you are tied up in another conversation. This function is also available to you after the fair.

Your stand can look like this (selection)

You can find an overview of all available stand sizes and formats here.

A zip file with all pictures in higher resolution can be downloaded here.

Find here our leaflet regarding the booth selection (PDF).

Here you can find our info leaflet with an overview of what METAV digital has to offer.

You will find our registration form for exhibitors at METAV digital here (PDF).

You will find our Conditions of Participation for METAV digital here (PDF).


Maintaining contacts, networking and generating leads: the smooth exchange between exhibitors and customers is at the heart of a successful trade fair. The intelligent matchmaking of METAV digital offers exactly that.

Your employees or contact persons at the virtual trade fair stand specify in their profiles which competences, services, product and subject areas they are responsible for or cover thematically (e.g. quality management and manufacturing technologies or controllers and software for manufacturing technologies). This data is matched with the information provided by the visitors. In addition, intelligent matchmaking learns from visitor behaviour in the virtual exhibition. The compilation results in a Matchscore® that shows you how well a trade fair visitor and you match regarding subject matter.

This way, you are able not only to recognise with which virtual trade fair visitor an exchange would be worthwhile, but you can also network with trade fair visitors who would perhaps not have noticed your stand without Matchscore®. Depending on individual preference, communication is possible via chat or video chat. With a calendar function, you can offer interested visitors appointments for talks.

Here you can find our info leaflet with an overview of what METAV digital has to offer.

You will find our registration form for exhibitors at METAV digital here (PDF).

You will find our Conditions of Participation for METAV digital here (PDF).


Show your solutions, demonstrate your expertise, stimulate dialogue - METAV web sessions give you an opportunity to present yourself as a champion in your field.

At METAV digital, you demonstrate your product or solution in 20 minutes. Afterwards, the participants can immediately place their questions. This gives you a first opportunity to engage with your existing customers or potential new customers via the chat function. Participants with special questions or specific production challenges can use a calendar function to make an appointment for more in-depth consultation - either directly afterwards with your speaker or at a later time with your speaker and/or additional experts from your company.

You can use web sessions in German and English to address different target groups or design web sessions with an alternative focus for German-speaking countries or non-German-speaking countries. After each web session, you will receive a statistical evaluation with the questions asked by participants and GDPR-compliant contact data of the participants.

We launched METAV web sessions in the summer of 2020 and have been developing them ever since. The web sessions are the perfect platform to present your products and solutions. Around 100 exhibitors have so far reached almost 6,000 participants in around 140 web sessions, initially at a five-day event in June 2020 and later at our theme days on software, automation and handling and digitalisation. Further theme days on precision tools and manufacturing processes, medical technology and 3D printing, components and accessories, metrology and quality assurance as well as machine tools and systems are planned until March 2021.

Here you can find our info leaflet with an overview of what METAV digital has to offer.

You will find our registration form for exhibitors at METAV digital here (PDF).

You will find our Conditions of Participation for METAV digital here (PDF).

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In our media library, we provide you with digital content that you may use free of licence fees for your communication about METAV digital or to address your customers in newsletters (e.g. on your website, in newsletters or employee magazines).

Access our media library with pictures and logos here.



Basically, METAV digital is aimed at the same visitor groups that also show interest in a METAV in attendance format. These are above all: Automotive industry and suppliers. Working and processing of new materials. Electrical engineering and electronics. Fine mechanics and optics. Manufacture of iron, sheet metal, and metal goods. Aerospace technologies. Machine building, apparatus construction. Metal handcrafts. Surface finishing, hardening. Rail vehicle construction and part supplies. Shipbuilding. Steel and lightweight metal construction. Road vehicle construction and supplied parts. Tool and mould building, jig manufacturing. Drawing shops, cold rolling mills, and steel forming.

In principle, the virtual trade fair runs on all common browsers. If you have problems with your preferred browser, we recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in the latest version. For best results, close any applications you do not need and clear your browser cache before visiting the virtual exhibition. If you stay at the virtual exhibition for a longer period of time, it may also be useful to clear the cache regularly during your visit.

You will find the registration page at https://my.fairsnext.com. This will take you directly to the registration portal.

You may still have to add METAV digital with a voucher code. You will receive this code as well as the registration link from the organiser of METAV digital.

Please go to https://my.fairsnext.com and register with an e-mail address and a password of your choice. Please do not use any personal passwords, as you will have to share your login data with all colleagues who are to work at the stand (enter appointments, operate the chat, etc.). You will then receive a link in a confirmation e-mail (please also check your spam folder!), which you can use to complete the registration. If your company IT system recognises the mail as spam and does not forward it to you, we will have to verify your account manually - please contact us in this case.

Please empty your browser cache. On Windows, use the key combination CTRL + Shift + Delete (Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge) or select "clear cache" in the browser menu. In Safari, please use the key combination Option + Command + E or select "empty cache memory" in the menu under developers.

Basically, the same exhibitors can register for METAV digital that can also participate in a METAV in the presence format. The following exhibition areas are admitted: Additive manufacturing. Sheet metal, wire, and pipe machining centres, forming machines. CAD/CAM. Industrial electronics; sensor and diagnosis technologies. Components for flexible automation. Cooling lubricants. Machines and systems for tool and mould building, rapid prototyping, model building. Material flow and storage technologies. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic accessories for manufacturing technologies. Medical engineering. Surface technology, thin film processes. Precision tools, diamond tools, instruments. Testing technology and instrumentation. Quality management systems. Robotics and automation. Welding, cutting, hardening, heating. Controllers. Software for the whole range of production technologies. Forming tools. Thermal, electrochemical, and other machine tools. Machine tools, cutting, parting, and abrasive.

Virtual Exhibition

PDF files can be stored under the media tab and accessed at the stand by clicking on the brochure stand as a media overview. The integrated PDF reader supports the password and jump mark function.

Depending on the complexity of the stand design, the data volume required may be higher. If you are in a hall with particularly sophisticated stands, the image build-up may therefore be delayed. The data is constantly reloaded until everything is completely displayed. This process can be accelerated if you clear the browser cache before starting your virtual visit to the trade fair and if you close applications that are not needed.

With your mouse: position the target symbol on the position you want to reach on the ground and click on it. You can control the viewing direction by clicking and dragging.
With your keyboard: Use the W/A/S/D keys to control the movement: W moves you one step forward, S moves you one step back, A and D move you left or right respectively. With the mouse you can click and drag to control the viewing direction.

You will find the hall plan tab in the menu bar. Your stand is marked in yellow in the hall and you can reach it by clicking on the "jump to stand" button. If you cannot find your stand on the hall plan, it may be in another hall. Once you have moved to the correct hall, you should be able to find your stand.

Use the left mouse button to rotate the stand horizontally and vertically, use the right mouse button to move the stand. With the scroll wheel of your mouse you can zoom in and out.

The products tab allows you to create small microsites for your exhibition highlights. To do this, select the header image or video, assign suitable keywords and then enter the texts you want - the microsite is ready and the product is displayed in the news tab.

Videos can only be added as a link. Upload your videos to a platform such as Youtube or Vimeo and copy the respective link to connect it to your stand at METAV digital. If you do not want your video to be visible to everyone, you can also set the video on the streaming platform as "not listed" (video does not appear in the search, but users with a link can access it) or "private" (video can only be viewed by the respective admin). In this case, however, make sure that the options for integration ("embedding") are enabled!

Please always use images in JPG format. For products or logos, we recommend PNG files if they are to appear detached. The aspect ratio is set to 4:3 or 16:9, it is possible to zoom or move images.

A friendly portrait picture in 1:1 format (square) is the right choice. The text address to the visitor can comprise a maximum of 250 characters including spaces. Please note: Basically, at a virtual trade fair the same rules of conduct apply as at a trade fair in presence format. However, spoken and written language can be perceived differently. On the one hand, virtual events allow for more looseness through textual condensation; on the other hand, humorous remarks in particular can be misunderstood without corresponding gestures and facial expressions. It can be helpful to write various introductory texts and test the respective perception with colleagues first.

The chat can be operated by all stand staff. This means that a quick response is possible if a member of staff is not at his desk or is tied up in another conversation. Every visitor can view his or her chat history with the respective exhibitors in the menu item messages.

You can set up your stand after the organiser has assigned it to you. Please contact the organiser of METAV digital.


You can find the Matchscore in the exhibitor and visitor overview of the virtual trade fair. Behind each visitor you will see a value between 0 and 100 - the higher this value, the more likely the visitor could be interested in your products and solutions. This way you can establish contact with visitors who did not know your company before visiting the event or who would not have visited your stand without this information. In addition, you will see the Matchscore in the communication tool when you are in conversation with a visitor at the virtual stand.

The Matchscore matches the competences in products and solutions that you and your colleagues indicated during registration with the interests of the visitors. In addition, the system learns from the visiting behaviour of the participants at the virtual trade fair and draws further conclusions from this. From this information, a value between 0 and 100 is determined - the higher the value, the better your competences match the interests of the visitors and the more productive an exchange might be.

No, the Matchscore is only an aid to your guidance! The Matchscore is intended to help visitors get to know interesting exhibitors and experts whom they might not have met without this information. For exhibitors, too, the Matchscore is only an aid to help you identify particularly promising contacts more easily. However, this does not mean that conversation partners with a low score may not be interested in your products and solutions - perhaps visitors have not fully completed their profile or have gained new stimuli from a previous conversation that they would like to pursue. The same applies to a virtual trade fair as it does in real life: keep your eyes and ears open, because exciting contacts also arise unexpectedly or by chance!


At METAV digital, each web session will consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session of up to 15 minutes. You will achieve the best results if you tailor your presentation to the challenges of your participants. Choose practical examples and present how you can solve pressing problems in production and thus also achieve important goals for management. Keep your presentation free-flowing instead of sticking to the text. Address the participants directly and give them a view of the big picture instead of getting lost in details - once you have aroused the interest of your audience, you can provide additional information in the Q&A session or discuss specific questions bilaterally in a video call.

The METAV web sessions are aimed at an international audience with a regional focus on German-speaking countries. Therefore, we generally offer web sessions in German or English. So, depending on the target group and the scope of your presentation, you can register for German or English or German and English web sessions. Depending on the number of web sessions, the day's presentations will be held in parallel.

The METAV web sessions serve as a presentation area for your competences. You have the opportunity to present your know-how and innovative products and solutions to interested visitors and to establish yourself as an expert in the respective subject area. In addition, speakers receive a statistical evaluation of the participants' questions as well as GDPR-compliant contact data after each session - valuable leads that you can use as an impulse for follow-up discussions.


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